Media Magic Video Production Services

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Since 1984, Orange County's Media Magic video production services has been helping businesses and nonprofits increase their marketshare, mindshare  - and their annual revenue - without increasing their marketing and development staff. We can do the same thing for you – by creating a cost-effective, customized, video presentation that tells your organization's story in powerful and compelling new ways!

Whether you want to create a website video, fundraising presentation, trade show video, television commercial, PSA, television program, employee or customer training program, infomercial, or anything in between, we can provide you with the expertise and creative skills to bring your vision to reality - just as we've done for hundreds of organizations -  both locally and around the world!

Media Magic Helps Promote Theatre

For almost 20 years, Media Magic's Bill Ennis has been helping Tony Award-winning theatre, South Coast Repertory, promote its theatre content. Beginning in the early '90's, Bill was tapped to shoot, edit and distribute promo clips of upcoming performances to local and regional television theatre critics. 

With the advent of broadband Internet, the theatre is now using its own website, as well as YouTube and theatre-dedicated websites to showcase its performances - still using Ennis to shoot, edit and conform the videos for web distribution.